Klyde Warren Park: Something for Everyone



There's always something to do at Klyde Warren Park. Nestled right in the heart of bustling Dallas, Klyde Warren Park has a few features you might not expect, like a reading and games room. It's not exactly a room, though, since it's not enclosed. Fresh air flows freely throughout the space, which stocks books and […]

Tei Tei Robata Serves Decadent Japanese Fare Near You



Dallas is home to some great sushi restaurants, but one of the best is just minutes from Knoxbridge. Tei Tei Robata is a high-end Japanese restaurant that specializes in decadent sushi and robata (food grilled over hot charcoal). The local eatery offers a menu of meticulously plated meals, including fresh fish dishes ranging from sea […]

Don’t Miss Social Hour at the Dallas Chop House



Monday through Saturday, the Dallas Chop House comes to life just in time for happy hour. From 4 to 7 p.m., the steakhouse's Social Hour draws crowds for an after-work drink. Its sprawling patio attracts many of the imbibers, who snag an $8 cocktail, $5 glass of wine, or $5 well drink inside and then […]

Enjoy the Energy at a Grit Fitness Class



At Grit Fitness, working out isn't just a means to an end; it's something to look forward to. That's how founder Brit Rettig designed her studio. She wanted it to be a place where exercisers felt encouraged and excited, not defeated and rundown. That's why each of Brit's high-energy, carefully designed classes is set to […]

Scardello: Fine Cheese Inspired by Family Tradition



Rich Rogers grew up watching his grandfather, Peter Scardello, totally disregard the norms of his small Texas hometown. When it came time for a big family meal, Rich always found his grandfather—not his grandmother—preparing the meal in the kitchen. It was Peter Scardello's unabashed love for good food that fostered a similar passion in his […]

Master the Art of Making Macarons at Sur La Table



Sur La Table takes shopping for kitchen appliances to the next level. Whereas most home stores only allow guests to window-shop, Sur La Table lets you take appliances and tools for a test drive in various ways. One approach you can take is plugging in an appliance. Sur La Table's staff will be happy to […]

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